Sunday, September 18, 2011

Phoenix Dui Lawyers

Alcock and Associates is the right law firm to handle your DUI, Criminal, Immigration, or Accident case in Arizona. Here’s what makes our law office different from the rest:

    * Affordability : Our firm believes that everyone should be able to afford a quality lawyer on their side. We offer discounted fees for accident cases where we only get paid if we win your case. For Criminal, DUI and Immigration cases we offer truly affordable fees with payment plans. We never perform credit checks. Your handshake is enough for us. Call us to see how truly affordable we are.
    * Results : Our DUI Lawyers and Criminal Defense attorneys have won hundreds of cases. We have won millions of dollars for our accident and injury clients. If you need representation that knows how to win, Alcock and Associates is ready to fight for you. We have aggressive criminal defense lawyers and accident injury attorneys who will work to get the best results possible. Over the past year, our immigration attorneys have handled hundreds of immigration cases successfully in Phoenix, Florence, and Eloy. Check out our DUI attorney blog for recent wins.
    * Experience : Our staff includes five former felony prosecutors including certified Phoenix criminal attorney specialist Geoffrey Jones. We also have a personal injury attorney on staff who was a former large claim insurance adjusters. We know how the insurance companies operate. We also have an Immigration Attorney who was previously employed by the Department of Homeland Security. The law firm of Alcock and Associates knows the legal system from the inside out.
    * Customer Service : Our attorneys are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service possible. When you come to our office the first time, you will see that there are no high pressure sales pitches. We simply want our clients to be the best informed and prepared that they can be. Our clients can contact their lawyer directly to get information about their case. Criminal defense lawyers can visit your loved one in jail for free. You can speak with a Phoenix accident attorney over the phone with no obligation. If you have been injured in Arizona, we have the injury lawyers who know how to handle your case.
    * Integrity : Alcock and Associates has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for a reason. We believe our clients come first. To experience our firm for yourself, call us at 602-989-5000 to set up your free consultation. A Phoenix DUI Attorney can talk with you over the phone for free! No hassles or obligation.

Nicholas Alcock, Attorney at Law, Owner and President, Alcock and Associates

Arizona Criminal Defense and DUI Attorneys: A winning strategy. If you or a loved one have been arrested for a criminal offense, we have defense attorneys who can get you answers. One of our attorneys can visit your loved one in jail at no cost to you. Our lawyers are qualified to help you with any DUI case in Arizona. Many times our clients feel nervous or anxious talking about their legal problems with a criminal defense lawyer. We understand that it can be very difficult. This is why we make the extra effort to make our clients feel comfortable and secure.

When you call our criminal defense firm at 602-989-5000, you can speak with a lawyer who was formerly a Maricopa County Prosecutor. Stacey Feldman is available to take the time to learn about your situation and give you answers. She is an experienced criminal lawyer who is dedicated to client service. There are no sales pitches or high pressure tactics. Ms. Feldman will take the time to get to know you and your case. She will give you concrete advice and tell you what our law firm can do for you. We are ready, willing and able to speak with you over the phone about your case.
Our job is to make you feel more informed and less unsure about the court system. We believe that good people sometimes make mistakes. Everybody deserves a second chance and everybody deserves an criminal defense attorney who will really listen. You also deserve an attorney who won’t judge you or make you feel uncomfortable. Our priority is to look for solutions to your problems and win your case. If you look at the list of recently won cases, you can see that both our DUI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys can and do win. We are very proud of our track record and our accomplishments in the courtroom. If you are ready to start doing something about your criminal case, let’s get started.

Call our team of Phoenix DUI and criminal defense attorneys now at 602-989-5000. We can research your Arizona case and have an experienced attorney visit your loved one in jail, review police reports and assess your case for you free of charge. Afterwards, we will quote you a simple flat fee agreement that contains no hidden charges. We never charge extra for trial because we want to give you every opportunity to win your case. Call today and lets start fighting!

immigration-personal injury-criminal-dui-lawyer

Arizona Accident Lawyers and Phoenix Injury Attorneys: We are here to help. At Alcock and Associates, our lawyers don’t want to be known for representing the largest number of accident clients. We simply want to get the absolute most for the clients we have. Navigating a case without an accident lawyer can be scary and overwhelming. We believe that you should concentrate on healing and let our team of Phoenix injury lawyers do the rest.

We will handle property damage claims free of charge for you. We offer discounted fees for accident cases where we only get paid if we win your case. We realize that there are lots of Arizona accident lawyers to choose from. You deserve a personal injury attorney who will get to know you, listen to you and fight to get the largest possible settlement. If you call our firm, you can speak with personal injury attorney Jill Hastings over the phone, free of charge. We can research your accident case, learn more about the details of your case, and give you the help you need.

There are no out of pocket expenses or up front fees that we charge. Unless we win your case, you pay nothing. If you have been involved in an accident case anywhere in Arizona, call Phoenix Accident Attorney Jill Hastings today at 602-989-5000. There are no sales pitches or high pressure tactics. We are just good old-fashioned lawyers who care about their clients. And we make it simple. Find out for yourself and call today.

Contact an Attorney Today!

Contact us to schedule a free DUI, criminal, accident or immigration consultation. Learn first hand from a Phoenix lawyer about the trusting, productive relationships that we cultivate with our clients. We stay available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the greatest extent possible. An attorney can respond to your call or message. Drop-in visits by potential or existing clients receive our immediate attention. You deserve an attorney who will treat you like family. A good criminal defense lawyer should always take the time to get to know a client. Likewise, an accident injury attorney should always make every effort to realistically outline how the process works.

At Alcock and Associates, our attorneys will always be respectful and helpful. We believe that everyone deserves representation that will aggressively fight to win. If you need a lawyer for your criminal, DUI, accident, injury or immigration case, call us today. Every legal case is different. Please contact an Alcock and Associates attorney for more information. Legal precedent and statutes are subject to change and should always be reviewed by a lawyer. This site is not intended to replace, in any way, legal advice from your attorney. Alcock and Associates is an Arizona law firm dedicated to helping clients with criminal, DUI, accident, injury and immigration cases.

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